Thursday, January 15, 2009

Suburban Sex - Part 5 of 7

Looking for love in all the wrong places used to mean hanging out in bars and clubs, but suburbia’s bustling office complexes are teeming with match-seekers, too. I was told by G, a mid-forties entrepreneur, about one small business with about 30 employees where the 20-25% fooling around factor may be conservative.

Company sex isn’t the only variety, of course, nor is it strictly one-on-one in staid, buttoned-up Westchester County. Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, a 1969 movie about various combinations among two married couples, would be tame compared to some of the social functions reportedly held behind closed doors in Westchester.

“I know a woman who was deejaying a private party for swingers,” M (a hairdresser) says. “She told me she was not prepared for half the things she saw. We left it at that!”
Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, a sex therapist, says the swinging scene is nothing new.
“Bondage, SM, swinging, nudism, all that stuff’s been going on for ages. People were having key parties in the ‘70s.” She tells of one woman who got into swinging with her husband, enjoyed it for a couple of years, but then grew kind of tired of the whole thing. She said she couldn’t stop, though, because her entire social circle was based on swinging. Marcus explains, “She told me she had met the loveliest people and she didn’t want to lose their friendship.”
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