Monday, July 19, 2010

New Business Book Series

I launched a new series of books for owners and managers of small businesses today. The first book is The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Advertising: How to grow your business with ads that work. It's available now as an ebook in multiple formats.

The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Advertising is designed to help a manager create an advertising strategy suitable for a small business. Mention "advertising" to most people and they immediately think of the behemoths of the airwaves like Pepsi and P&G--and that's the kind of advertising most books on the subject are about. But this one is different. It's about the kind of advertising local car dealers do, or realtors, or clothing retailers, or home improvement contractors, or insurance agents. In other words, it talks about how small businesses can apply good advertising practices to the actual market conditions they face.

The book is based on my experiences writing and selling advertising over thirty years in the broadcasting business, which is what I did before I became a full-time writer. I drew extensively from material from my seminars and various columns I wrote for national business publications like Family Business Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Ward's Auto Dealer. Over the years, I've interviewed, consulted with, and created advertising for hundreds of small businesses. Much of that material forms the basis for The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Advertising.

The ebook is the first in a series of three related titles that will be combined and published in trade paperback. It will be available as an audiobook, too.

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