Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Doggone Christmas Novel In FREE Audio Podcast Edition

What's better than a doggone Christmas story? How about a FREE audio podcast edition!

Hunting Elf actually began as a podcast--the print edition came later in response to requests from listeners who enjoyed the story. As one listener said:

"As the owner of 4 crazy dogs, I found Hunting Elf hilarious. The characters were very realistic and easy to relate to for me because I too adore my dogs who seem to live for trouble. I found myself remembering antics of my dogs throughout the story. The story is a great mix of comedy and caper. I recommend this book to everyone, but it is a must listen for dog lovers."
Above all, Hunting Elf is a Christmas story with a neat feature--it has 25 chapters. So, if you listen to one each day starting today, you'll finish on Christmas day! It's my gift to you--a laugh a day.

Best of all, the Hunting Elf podcast is absolutely free at You can also download Hunting Elf for free at iTunes. One iTunes reviewer said,
"If you're looking for something light-hearted and fun, this is it. Those of you who have owned a puppy will get a HUGE kick out of Elf's antics."

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