Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handbooks For Management Success

Sometimes you need to brush up on a single issue you're facing in your business. For just ninety-nine cents, you can turn to the Dynamic Manager's Handbooks for a quick refresher on sales, marketing, advertising, or several other disciplines that affect your company's bottom line.

I'm planning an even dozen for release this year. Here are the first seven:

Customer Relations: The Dynamic Manager's Handbook of Customer Satisfaction
Five Rules Of Advertising: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Small Business Advertising
Marketing In Cyberspace: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Social Media Marketing
Beat The Big Box: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Winning The Retail Battle
Promotion and Public Relations: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Alternative Ways To Build Your Business
First Call Selling: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Make Sales On The First Call
Sales Promotions: The Dynamic Manager's Handbook Of 23 Ad Campaigns and Sales Promotions You Can Use
You can find the Dynamic Manager Handbooks for Kindle at or your Nook at

Best of all, they're only ninety-nine cents!

Dave Donelson distills the experiences of hundreds of entrepreneurs into practical advice for small business owners and managers in the Dynamic Manager's Guides, a series of how-to books about marketing and advertising, sales techniques, hiring, firing, and motivating personnel, financial management, and business strategy.

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