Thursday, December 4, 2008

Suburban Sex - Part 1 of 7

“This is a pretty buttoned-up county,” declares Dr. Wayne Gersh. “We’re not known as a hot bed of sexuality.” Then he thinks for a minute and adds with a smile:

“But if we could have a dominatrix in Pound Ridge, anything is possible in Westchester.”
Gersh is clinical director of the Westchester Center for Behavior Therapy in White Plains. The dominatrix, arrested last year, lived Westchester-style in a stately century-old white clapboard house with black shutters on four acres in Bedford Hills, NY.

Let’s face it, anything must be possible in an age when New York’s governor, otherwise known as Client #9, is run out of office for playing hide the subpoena with $5,000 call girls—and his successor holds a press conference the day after he takes office just to make sure everybody is okay with the fact that he and his wife were serial adulterers.

Or how about a place where three teenage girls recite a poem about vaginas at John Jay High School and are widely hailed for having thereby secured their tickets to Harvard? Looking for some exercise? Enroll in a Yonkers striptease class. Planning a party? Order up a genital-shaped cake and call the Passion Party hostess. Westchester may appear buttoned-up, but beneath our Donna Karan frocks and Armani suits, we’re wearing edible underwear.

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, Clinical Director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase, says the obvious:
“There is a very wide range of sexual activities in Westchester. It goes from people who’ve been married for thirty years and have only had sex with one person to couples who swing.”
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