Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suburban Sex - Part 3 of 7

Every suburban doctor, psychologist, therapist, or clergyman I spoke to said that sex is—or should be—a good, healthy activity. Sex and related activities can also be the theme of some good, clean fun, too.

The Loft, a unique dance and fitness space in Yonkers, NY, offers not only classes in hip-hop, salsa, and the tango, but in belly dancing and strip tease as well. The strip tease class draws about twenty women aged 19 to 68 every week, according to owner Jacqueline Bouet.

“It’s a sexy, feminine dance class,” she explains. “The dancing occurs in the dark, so it creates an atmosphere with fewer inhibitions. With the mirrors and everything, we stress dancing for yourself. It’s about self-esteem and self-acceptance.”
Dancers don’t actually take their clothes off, she says, although they practice the moves. Every three or four months, you’ll also get a light supper with a sex toy demonstration thrown in for your edification and amusement. That night, Bouet says, usually draws about 40 women.

You can also bring the sex toy demonstrations right into your home. Marion DiPippo, a work-at-home mother of three in Mahopac, NY, is a Passion Party hostess, which is kind of like selling Tupperware only a whole lot more exciting. She offers a huge selection of lotions, potions, ticklers, lingerie, vibrators, fantasy games, passion edibles, and toys for boys and girls like you’ll never find at FAO Schwartz. The usual crowd is a dozen or so women (although there are parties for groups of couples, too) who often provide theme-appropriate refreshments (anatomically correct cakes are a big hit) and come ready for a good time.
“My customers love the games we play at the beginning of a party,” DiPippo explains.
To break the ice, she starts with games like Erotic Bingo where the winner doesn’t shout "Bingo", but whatever they say when they reach orgasm. Another is the Alphabet game, where she holds up letters and the players shout out whatever sex-related word comes to mind. “A tricky one is ‘Z’,” she says, “There is one answer—but I am NOT giving that away.”

Partygoers occasionally go a little too far, DePippo admits, but it’s usually just a case of irrational exuberance.
“I instructed a woman at a party in Westchester to reach down her top and put a product on her nipple,” she says. “Instead, she just lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts to everyone in the room!”
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